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              Charging capacity vs. charging speed:
              What constitutes high charging performance

              Animation: Audi e-tron Sportback – charging performance
              • The real charging duration depends largely on the ideal charging curve
              • The Audi e-tron** charges with a maximum charging capacity of up to 150 kW over a large portion of the charging procedure
              • Unique charging curve: short charging duration even beyond 80%
              • The Audi e-tron is fully charged at a fast charging terminal in around 45 minutes

              With its e-tron** and e-tron Sportback** models, Audi is making electric mobility a reality for long-distance driving – thanks in part to a charging curve that is unique in the competitive environment. Drivers of a fully electric Audi model thus benefit from high charging speeds because the charging capacity of up to 150 kW is available for a large portion of the charging procedure. This enables sophisticated thermal management of the lithium-ion battery. In order to assess the everyday usability of an electric car, customers should take not just the nominal maximum charging capacity but also the charging speed into account.

              It’s the charging curve that makes the difference

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